Intracoastal City, Louisiana is an unincorporated community just thirteen miles to the south of Abbeville, tucked along the waterways connecting the Vermillion River to Vermillion Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

The community has few permanent residents and infrastructure besides those which support the fishing and oil industries. Intracoastal City is among the top six seafood landing ports nationwide and has a history of commercial fishing dating back to early settlements the 1800s.

Because of the Intracoastal City’s location, it provides fishermen access to a variety of species of freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and seafood, but shrimping is its primary industry. In 2012, Intracoastal City brought in 245 million pounds of seafood worth over $44 million dollars.

The area features a shrimp docking facility as well as numerous launches, ports, and dry docks for commercial fishing and recreational fishing use.

Intracoastal City is also known for its service to the oil and gas industry. It is home to facilities for corporations like Chevron Intracoastal, in addition to several heliports and other relevant services.

Intracoastal City is situated just north of the access to the 283 mile long Leland Bowman Lock, a portion of the Intercostal Waterway that serves as part of a system separating the fresh water supply from the salt water in the Gulf of Mexico. The Leland Bowman Lock is operated by the Army Corp of Engineers and allows for the transport of barges carrying commodities.

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