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What is commercial fishing?

Commercial fishing is the practice of harvesting wild fish, shellfish, and other seafood for profit.

What kinds of commercial fishing occurs in North America?

North America is home to thousands of unique commercial fisheries. Commercial fishermen harvest finfish, crustaceans, molluscs, seaweed, and other seafood.

Is commercial fishing done in freshwater?

Freshwater commercial fisheries exist throughout North America, in rivers, lakes, and other freshwater areas.

What are other names for commercial fishermen?

Commercial fishermen are known by a variety of specialized names such as shrimpers, crabbers, lobstermen, squidders,  groundfishermen, draggers, trawlers, netters, sieners, longliners, trollers, jiggers, potters, handliners, baymen, watermen, and others.

How can I find commercial fishing jobs?

Visit our commercial fishing jobs page.

What is aquaculture?

Aquaculture is the practice of raising fish, shellfish, or other aquatic life in controlled environments.

Do commercial fishermen and fish farmers sell seafood directly to the public?

Yes, for more information, see direct marketing.

How can I find information about commercial fishing terminology?

Visit our glossary page.

Can I use images that I find on this site?

Not without permission, images on this site are subject to copyright.


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