Chauvin La shrimping
Shrimping near Chauvin La photo credit: U.S. Coast Guard


The communities of Dulac and Chauvin in southern Louisiana are among the top seafood ports in the country. Dulac and Chauvin are both considered an extension of the metropolitan area of Houma in Terrebonne Parish. Collectively, Dulac and Chauvin comprise a major port for Louisiana gulf shrimp and other seafood.

With a population of 2,480, Dulac is the smaller of the two communities. Dulac is located between numerous bayous and canals, primarily the Houma Navigation Canal, Lake Boudreaux, Lake Gero, Lake Quitman, and Bayou Dulac. Despite its smaller population, Dulac is home to numerous shrimpers and services related to the seafood industry.

The various commercial seafood services of the town are easily accessible by land along Shrimper’s Row and Grand Calliou Road, the west and east sides of one canal leading into Bayou Dulac. Services available for commercial fishermen include docks, cranes, and processing centers. Dulac is also home to a U.S. Coast Guard Aids to Navigation Station.

Because of its central location, fishing vessels ported in Dulac have access to numerous inland waterways as well as the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to shrimp, Dulac commercial fishermen harvest a variety of species.

The community of Chauvin sits north east of Dulac, just across Lake Boudreaux, and boasts a slightly larger population of 3,229.

Many of Chauvin’s commercial fishing vessels are docked along the Bayou Petit Calliou, which is accessible via Little Calliou Road. Also located along the waterway are businesses that serve the commercial fishing industry.

Chauvin shares access to much of the same waterways as Dulac, in additon to Madison Bay to the east, and the southern bays leading into the Gulf of Mexico: Bay la Fleur, BayNegresse, Bay Chaland, and Tambour Bay.

Chauvin is famous for its annual Blessing of the Fleet and boat parade which occurs along Little Caillou and Boudreaux Canal.

The seafood industry in Dulac and Chauvin has taken a few hits in recent years. The 2010 Deepwater Horizon drilling rig bought much of the fishing activities in the area to a near halt for several months. The community also faced flooding and damages from Hurricanes Katrina, Ike, and Gustav.

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