greenland halibut

The Greenland halibut is a large righteye flatfish, famous for its high table quality. This species is identified by its diamond-shaped body, moderately forked tail, and long sharp teeth.

Although Greenland halibut are similar in appearance to Atlantic halibut, the two species can be distinguished by their lateral lines; the Greenland halibut’s lateral line is straight while the Atlantic halibut’s lateral line is arched.

Greenland halibut have a circumpolar range in cold northern waters. Greenland halibut are common in the David Strait off the west coast of Greenland. The David Strait fishery is exploited by Greenland as well as Canada.

Greenland halibut also occur from the eastern coast of Greenland to Iceland, with vessels from both countries taking part in fishing,

Other North American fisheries exist in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Grand Banks, and along the Pacific Coast of North America.

In the USA, the species is labelled as Greenland turbot in order to conform with 21CFR102.57. The species is also known as Newfoundland turbot or American turbot.

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