Made of Salmon: Alaska Stories from The Salmon Project

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Made of Salmon: Alaska Stories from The Salmon Project
Editor: Nancy Lord
Publisher: University of Alaska Press
ISBN: 9781602232839

Worldwide salmon populations are faced with overfishing, habitat loss, and other factors. Alaska, however, stands out as a rare success story: its salmon populations remain strong and healthy, the result of years of careful management and conservation programs.

Made of Salmon includes a collection of more than fifty diverse Alaska voices to celebrate the salmon and its place in Alaska life. A mix of words and images, the book features detailed works by some of Alaska’s finest writers, combined with shorter, more anecdotal accounts and stunning photographs of Alaskans fishing, preserving, and eating salmon throughout the state.

The book’s editor, Nancy Lord is a longtime resident of Homer, Alaska, and a former commercial salmon fisherman. She teaches creative writing at the University of Alaska Anchorage and science writing at Johns Hopkins University. Her books include Fishcamp, Beluga Days, and Early Warming.

source: Alaska Sea Grant