Rhode Island’s commercial fishing industry is one of the oldest in the nation. The smallest U.S. state, Rhode Island has 40 miles of coastline and nearly 400 miles of tidal shorelines.

Rhode Island fishing communities include Providence, Warwick, Newport, Point Judith, and others.

Among the most valuable species are Atlantic sea herring, sea scallops, lobster, monkfish, and squid.

Rhode Island is the top Atlantic state for squid landings. Fishermen harvest loligo squid in the Atlantic, from New England to North Carolina.

Lobstering occurs in Narragansett Bay and Rhode Island coastal waters. With limitations impacting the American lobster fishery, bycatches of cancer crabs (Jonah crabs and Atlantic rock crabs) are of increasing importance to Rhode Island lobstermen.

Shellfish harvesting is another component of the state’s seafood industry. The quahog clam is designated as the official state shell.

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