Alaska Aquaculture Resources Website

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Alaska Aquaculture Resources ( is a new Alaska Sea Grant website with information for Alaska shellfish farmers and other stakeholders.

The resource includes more than 160 publications, presentations, websites, spreadsheets, and videos to educate and train Alaskans working in aquaculture or who want to learn more about it.

In Alaska, aquatic farming is restricted to shellfish and seaweeds. Shellfish farming started as a fledgling industry in the late 1970s and was revitalized with passage of the Alaska Aquatic Farm Act in 1988.

By 2014, 65 aquatic farms, seven nurseries, and two hatcheries were in operation. That year shellfish farming, including “seed” sales, surpassed $1 million in farm gate value for the first time in the state, based on 34 farms.

Today mariculture (marine aquaculture) is seeing renewed attention through the Alaska Mariculture Task Force.

Alaska Sea Grant supports the growing aquaculture industry through research, technical assistance, and training by Marine Advisory agents and has invested over $2 million in support of the industry over the last 10 years.

source: Alaska Sea Grant