2017 International Pectinid Workshop

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21st International Pectinid Workshop
April 19-25, 2017
Portland, Maine

The 21st International Pectinid Workshop will be held April 19-25, 2017 in Portland, Maine. The Workshop brings together researchers, industry professionals and students for networking and the dissemination of research and best practices.

DRAFT Agenda

Theme Sessions:

Marine protected areas and their role in resource management
Scallop Aquaculture and seeding efforts
Understanding and managing disease in scallop populations
Biotoxins, Pollution and Contamination
Scallop fisheries management strategies – a global perspective
Ecology and General Biology
Physiology and Reproduction
Bycatch, and incidental mortality in scallop fisheries
Scallops in a changing environment – addressing climate change

Special Sessions:

Fishing Industry Forum: An industry forum to discuss current concerns, challenges, and ideas relative to scallop fisheries and resource management strategies

The International Pectinid Workshop has been a biennial event on the calendar of marine researchers from all over the world since 1976. The IPW is attended by scientists, students, and industry members from across the globe interested in pectinids.

For more information, visit www.ipw2017.com

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