PEI Aquaculture Programs Renewed

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Prince Edward Island’s Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Alan McIsaac recently announced that the PEI government will renew funding for two aquaculture programs.

“The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is committed to supporting our primary food production industries. Over a short period of time, aquaculture has grown to be an extremely successful industry in Prince Edward Island and has proven to be very important to our rural economy,” said Minister McIsaac. “The entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of P.E.I.’s aquaculturists, and supporting businesses, have made this industry successful. The two programs we are committing to today support this innovative spirit and continued development of this industry.”

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is investing $50,000 into the Aquaculture Technology Program and an additional $93,800 in the Aquaculture Futures Program.

The Aquaculture Technology Program assists aquaculture operations in the development or to adopt innovative technologies or equipment that will advance the industry.

The Aquaculture Futures Program supports the aquaculture industry in funding towards research and development projects, local promotion, strategic planning, investigative travel and other initiatives that will assist in developing the entire industry.

The aquaculture industry in Prince Edward Island contributes more than $80 million to the Island’s economy and employs more than 2,000 Islanders in the mussel, oyster, finfish, and processing sectors.

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source: Province of Prince Edward Island