USGC Mid-Atlantic Navigational Requirements Assessment – Comments Sought

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The U.S. Coast Guard is seeking input from commercial and recreational mariners for an assessment of navigation requirements along the Mid-Atlantic seacoast.

The Coast Guard Waterways Analysis and Management System (WAMS) survey is focused on both the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico Seacoast System, open water systems typically traveled by mariners arriving from an ocean voyage or transiting along the coast.

Individual mariners and interested maritime industry representatives can provide input until May 31, 2016, at:

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, the study will consider environmental concerns, user capabilities, available technology, and available resources, in addition to stakeholder input.

The assessment is the first in a series of national-level reviews that are part of the Future of Navigation initiative. The initiative seeks to improve service delivery for marine safety information, modernize the Coast Guard’s physical Aids-to-Navigation (ATON) system, incorporate Automatic Identification System ATON where appropriate and improve communications with Marine Transportation System (MTS) stakeholders.

source: United States Coast Guard