ASMFC Socioeconomic Study on Atlantic Menhaden Commercial Fisheries

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The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission has awarded funding to a research team headed by Dr. John Whitehead of Appalachian State University and Dr. Jane Harrison from North Carolina Sea Grant to conduct a socioeconomic study of Atlantic menhaden commercial fisheries.

The study is intended to characterize the coastwide commercial fisheries, including bait and reduction sectors and the fishing communities they support.

“We are excited for this opportunity to provide the Commission with these critical data which will characterize the socioeconomic dimensions of menhaden fisheries stakeholders to help managers better understand management impacts,” stated Dr. Harrison.

The principle objective of the study is to analyze data from participants in the Atlantic menhaden commercial industry. The Atlantic menhaden reduction fishery industry converts menhaden into fishmeal and fish oil, while the bait fishery industry supports other commercial (e.g. American lobster, blue crab) and recreational fisheries (e.g. striped bass, bluefish).

Case studies along the Atlantic coast will link the harvesting, processing, and distribution sectors across the supply chain. Information on landing trends, industry participation, and social leadership and organizations will also be analyzed.

Over the next month, ASMFC staff will be working with the research team to identify and reach out to fishery participants.

The full proposal can be found on the Commission’s website at

source: Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission


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