RAF Shrimp Early Mortality Syndrome Education

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The Responsible Aquaculture Foundation (RAF) has developed four online educational modules to help the global shrimp-farming industry better manage early mortality syndrome (EMS). The modules are now available for public consumption.

Organized within a course called “Managing Early Mortality Syndrome in Shrimp,” the modules, or lessons, cover the critical aspects of farm and hatchery management, including biosecurity, feeding and proper pond management, and recommend strategies to reduce organic loading, employ EMS-resistant broodstock and co-stock shrimp with tilapia.

RAF is providing the online course to help alleviate the impacts of EMS, which has cost the global shrimp industry more than $1 billion per year for the past several years.

The development of the online educational modules dates to 2012, when the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) and RAF spearheaded a case study on EMS that acted as a foundation for recommendations to the aquaculture community for better shrimp-farming practices.

current online educational module topics:
• The EMS Pathogen
• Diagnosing EMS
• Hatchery Management of EMS
• Farm Management EMS


To access the EMS course by PC, tablet or smart phone, visit the RAF website at http://edu.responsibleaqua.org.

source: Global Aquaculture Alliance